Senior Geotechnical Engineer

We’re on the lookout for a Senior Geotechnical Engineer to bolster the ranks of our Seabed Intervention team in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. The Seabed Intervention squad is the go-to for cutting-edge engineering services, specializing in the nitty-gritty of geotechnical installation and design for wind turbine generator foundations (Monopiles, Jackets, Suction Piles). On top of that, they are the experts handling the engineering side of safeguarding and fortifying the infrastructure nestled in the seabed—think cables, scour protection, and subsea rock installation. They are the backbone supporting the needs of various departments and business units globally.

Your Gig:

As their Senior Geotechnical Engineer, you’ll be the maestro behind the scenes, tackling:

  • Crafting foundation installation methods/procedures, running driveability assessments, leg penetration analyses, cherry-picking installation equipment, and slamming down noise mitigation measures. Oh, and don’t forget assessing geotechnical-related risks.
  • Crunching numbers for cable burial assessments, selecting the heavy artillery in trenching equipment, scrutinizing scour protection solutions, and sizing up ground risks and opportunities.
  • Masterminding reports on client documentation, tearing through in-house analyses, throwing in your two cents on in-house project procedures, and whipping design documents into shape throughout different project phases.
  • Laying down subcontractor scopes of work, giving the nod or shake to subcontractor and client procedures.
  • Diving headfirst into internal and client pow-wows and putting your stamp on the planning of projects/tenders, including estimating the firepower needed per work package.
  • Playing nice with subcontractors and our internal squad on all things technical and logistical. Your focus? Technical coordination of subcontractor scopes, of course.
  • Playing the hero on-site at offshore wind projects or dropping knowledge bombs from the office for those spontaneous geotechnical inquiries.
  • Fueling the research and development engine within Seabed Intervention—share the wealth of knowledge, lessons learned, and raise the bar on work standards.
  • Taking the helm in guiding engineers in your field and nurturing the growth of junior engineers.

What do you bring to the table?

  • A master’s or doctorate degree in civil/geotechnical engineering, backed by a battle-tested three to five years of geotechnical warfare in offshore structures (design and/or installation).
  • A solid grip on geotechnical engineering perspectives and how they dance with other disciplines in the project arena.
  • Mad skills in planning and organization, tackling tasks with a strategic and methodical swagger.
  • Analytical prowess that leaves others in the dust.
  • Team spirit that’s second to none, ready to go the extra mile, and cool as a cucumber under tight deadlines.
  • Ambition to conquer new realms of knowledge and climb the ranks in your career path.

What’s in it for You:

Joining the ranks means you get to be part of a force shaping a future worth bragging about, making waves for generations to come. We’re all about diversity and teamwork—everyone’s got skin in the game. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone. Think a career development playground, a seat at the table in a global team dealing in vital project execution matters, and flexibility that bends to your rhythm, whether that’s hybrid, part-time, or flexitime. Oh, and a full-throttle benefits package that’s got your back, front, and center.

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